Celebrate a fruity, floral summer!

Summer has been hot...but our summer sale is hotter!

We have four select teas ready for your drinking pleasure at $5 off:

  • Blueberry Herbal
  • Lavender White
  • Strawberry Green
  • and Peach Apricot!

We've selected these teas not just for their wonderfully fruity and floral taste, but also because when brewed cold, they are just as delicious! They make a wonderful healthy, cold drink to have instead of all the sodas and often sugary juice drinks.

Don't believe us? Head to our tea section and order yours today. If you want to buy all four teas and save a total of $20, you can!

Summer ends September 23 and so will this deal, but don't wait until then. Take advantage of our sale for the rest of the summer, let a friend know, and share it with your family too! 




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