It's National Hot Tea Day! (And month, for that matter!)

Here in the US, January is recognized as the official National Hot Tea Month, and January 12th is National Hot Tea Day!

*cue the boiling water*

It’s been around for centuries, but today, as designated by the Tea Council of the USA, we officially celebrate its greatness.

You might think it’s coffee, but tea has actually become the second most consumed beverage in the world.  What makes it so unique is that every tea you enjoy comes from one plant: camellia sinensis. All teas, whether they’re black, green, white, yellow, you name it…if it’s a tea, it comes from the same plant.

So today, celebrate in whichever way makes you happy:

  • Brew your own cup and enjoy
  • Invite your friends over and brew a pot for them
  • Look up the origins of your favorite tea (you might be surprised at what you learn!)
  • Order a loose-leaf blend you’ve never tried before!

Or, if you’re feeling really creative, share a photo or video of how you’re enjoying hot tea today with a description, use the hashtag #IndividualiTEA on Instagram or Twitter, and tag @TeaCouncil. You just might win $500!

Also, enjoy 12% off of whatever you order from our site, not just today, but through the rest of the month of January!

Good luck, and as always, happy sipping!

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