Let's shine some light on hibiscus!

Popular in many different cultures around the world, from the Caribbean to Africa to southeast Asia, hibiscus is one well-traveled plant. You've probably heard of it and definitely tasted it at some point, but as widespread as it is, how much do you really know about hibiscus? 

A vibrant plant with sometimes fiery red petals, hibiscus is used in many dishes and beverages. This is mainly because of its tart, almost cranberry-like taste that combines well with other herbs and spices, like ginger, bay leaves, or cloves. But on top of tasting great, hibiscus has lots of different health benefits that has its most dedicated drinkers singing praises!

To name a few, hibiscus:

Try it by itself and lightly sweetened, add it to your summer drinks, or even create your own loose leaf blend by adding in hibiscus. No matter how you drink it, this herbal will be a treat for your taste buds and your body! 

If you're ready to add hibiscus to your loose leaf herbal collection, you can try our Hibiscus Herbal blend or our Mango Hibiscus Herbal blend!

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