...what exactly IS matcha?

If you've been keeping up with us, you know we're celebrating spring by giving away all our matchas and green teas at 25% off.

(You haven't heard? Go check it out!)

But what is matcha?

Simply put, this vibrant green powder is obtained by grounding up young green tea leaves. So where you would steep regular green tea in hot water for a few minutes and then remove the leaves, with matcha you would literally whisk the powder into water (or milk, if you like!).

This makes for a super-concentrated green tea explosion, both in taste and antioxidant levels! If you're looking for a natural energy boost, matcha is the way to go! Athletes, celebrities, and regular-folk have all sworn by it...and we do too. You can make it the traditional way by whisking it in your liquid of choice, you can cook or bake it up in your favorite recipes, you can blend it in a healthy smoothie....the possibilities are really endless!

If you haven't try some today!


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