About Us

How We Began

We decided to start Yesss Hunny Tea Company on June 8, 2016 after we found out the teas we were sipping had fragrances to give the smell of a missing ingredient, flavor crystals to "boost" taste, artificial flavors that completely took the place of the advertised herbs and fruits. It was almost unbelievable how little tea was in the "tea" we were drinking!

So we set off to find tea that didn't have those things, and we discovered the world of loose leaf. But we didn't stop there. We were determined to drink only real tea leaves, herbs, and fruits in our teas...and we figured the best way to do that was to select and blend our own teas.

Then we decided to take it a step further: instead of keeping the secret to ourselves, why not offer it to the world? And just like that, the beginnings of our tea company began to brew.

The Story Behind The Name

I was thinking over what to name the tea business, so me and Flo started throwing names around, but nothing really seemed to fit. My oldest son Titus heard us from the living room, and finally he came up to me and said, “Mama, you say ‘Yesss, hunny’ ALL the time... just call it that!”

Well, as he was about SO many things, he was right!

And it stuck: Yesss Hunny Tea Company.

9 months later after we launched online, my son Titus was killed in a car accident March 19, 2017. And even though healing from losing him has been a journey, it brings a smile to my face to remember that his suggestion of a business name is still making an impact years later, and will for many years to come. 

So whenever you buy a tin of loose leaf tea on our site, or buy a bottle of our cold teas from a market, we're smiling with you for more reasons than just a sale.

Titus was my biggest supporter in so many ways, and I know he’s smiling in heaven and saying, “Yesss, hunny!” right along with us whenever he sees the joy we are able to bring to you through our company!

-Bethani, Founder & Owner