About Us

We started Yesss Hunny Tea Company in June 2016, right around a time in life where health became even more important to us.

A lifelong tea-lover, one of our founders was diagnosed with lupus, and suddenly a magnifying glass had to be placed over everything in her diet. She enlisted one of her best friends, a fellow tea-lover, to help her look deeper into the ingredients of what she was eating and drinking...and was shocked by the discovery of what was in almost all of the popular tea brands they were drinking!

Fragrances to give the smell of a missing ingredient, flavor crystals to "boost" taste (that really cause cancer!), artificial flavors that completely took the place of the advertised herbs and fruits...it was almost unbelievable.

So we set off to find tea that didn't have those things, and we discovered the world of loose leaf tea. But we didn't stop there. We were determined to put only real, quality tea leaves, herbs, and fruits in our teas...and we figured the best way to do that was to curate our own tea.

Then we decided to take it a step further. Instead of keeping the secret to ourselves, why not offer it to the world? And just like that, Yesss Hunny Tea Company was born!

We were always experienced drinkers and lovers of tea, but now we're committed even more to making sure each tea and herbal is truly handcrafted from authentic and natural ingredients. Every day brings another opportunity to learn and curate more and more about the lifestyle.  Now we are moving ahead, always on the look out for the latest and healthiest tea blends for those who might otherwise never get the chance to experience them!